Top 5 Sports Cars for the Big 5-0

The year was 1967. Summer of Love. The first Super Bowl. Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding. And some fabulous car designs that appealed to a world looking for an escape from the daily news of the war in Vietnam.

For all of you who turned 50 along with me in 2017, welcome to the middle ages! They  (whoever “they” are, I’m not sure) say 50 is the new 30. Is that a good thing? I actually preferred turning 40… I now have age spots that were freckles in my youth, Crest White Strips are my new best friend, and menopause is my excuse for the extra 10 pounds that refuse to come off. Some of my favorite dresses are lonely in my closet, wondering why they’ve just been hanging around, not getting outside.

One fantasy mid-life item that is the perfect size, no matter what I weigh, is a roadster. Sure, my SUV is practical and with all wheel drive certainly a necessity during a Colorado winter. But when I see a Porsche 911 or a classic Mercedes-Benz cabriolet on the road, I can’t help but imagine being in the driver’s seat. Scarf tied around the neck, wide-brimmed hat on top of the head, SPF 110 slathered on everywhere skin is exposed. Not sexy. But who cares? This. Is. 50.

If I wasn’t so practical and retirement savings wasn’t top priority, I’d be searching for one of my top five dream roadsters on, and since I’m nostalgic, I’d be looking for these makes and models circa 1967, naturally.

A rare Datsun Fairlady from 1967 would make any middle-aged woman the envy of the DSW parking lot!
Yeah, baby! Yeah! Before Princes William and Harry, we old ladies adored Austin Powers. This 1967 Austin-Healy 3000 is just the car for anyone channeling her inner Bond Girl.

A re-creation 1967 Shelby. That red interior with metallic silver paint and black racing stripes will make you forget that the doctor ordered your 50 year old right of passage: the colonoscopy.
1967 Porsche 911 Targa
Every 50 year old woman should have a red Porsche 911 in the garage, don’t you agree?
This gold Volvo with black ragtop is sporty and fun yet also oh-so-elegant. Can’t you just see yourself spinning out of the Home Depot parking lot, top down, with a couple of three gallon potted trees belted into the passenger seat?